Furry or high fashion?

No fandom is off limits to my studies, but I don’t know as much about furries as I’d like to. I still have yet to watch American Furry, a documentary on the fandom. However, I haven’t missed the fact that they’re currently at the top of the high fashion food chain. Below are actual photos of haute couture for William Rast and Chanel:

That’s a tail on the left and a full-on fursuit on the right.

Let’s play a game. Some of the pictures below are products designed for furries, the rest are high fashion fall must-haves. Bet you can’t guess which are which! Answers are at the bottom of the post.

Answers: One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.

  • Spencer

    Bwahaha! Oh, fashion. I guess you have to try everything once!

    I am flabbergasted that 6 is sold from a legitimate english fashion shop–or that anyone would wear the thing on the right!

  • Spencer

    Haha, wow. Yeah, you wouldn’t catch me dead in one of those things…

  • John B.

    @Spencer but would we catch you alive in one. =P

    Hows it going, as going to Anime USA this year?

  • Michelle

    I actually could not tell which ones were for furries-they all looked like they came from legitimate places, except maybe the pink furry boots. I don’t know much about the furry culture, just everyone tells me to steer clear from it, and don’t wear anything animal like, such as tails. Someone thought I was a furry last year at Katsucon, but I told them I was just cosplaying a Moogle, so I suppose they were more clueless than I as to what a furry was.

    I feel like wearing furry things would be itchy and uncomfortable. I’d maybe wear the ears for Halloween or something. I will also die laughing if someone actually buys and wears the antler headband.