Otaku Links: By the numbers


  • Where does anime originate? As a manga, game, or original concept? One redditor provided some sweet infographics to r/anime.
  • Had a pretty in-depth conversation about the meaning of “otaku” on Twitter and Tumblr this week. Are you an otaku? Why or why not?
  • I love meta-fandom. Jennifu is creating adorable human personifications for all our favorite anime distributors.
  • Remember when I redesigned Otaku Journalist through a local installation of WordPress? People ask me how to do this but I never had a REALLY good tutorial for it… until now. Treehouse’s tut is straight to the point.

(Infographic via findingmadoka.)

  • Zoe Le Loir

    That graph is really interesting. One of the things I noted right off was that the past year was especially high in the number of titles released. Pretty cool thing.

    I always had a feeling manga was the most used source material. My thoughts being that it was a property that already had a built in fan base.

    Additionally, that WordPress tutorial was well done. Having a local development setup is critical in my estimation.

    • Zoe Le Loir

      I should add that as a freelance web developer, if my client does not have a dev environment of their own I find out the exact environment the hosting service they intend to use. I then create a virtual machine via Virtual Box from Oracle and install the proper server release and set up the same environment in terms of language and database support.

      This way, when it comes time to upload the work or updates to the live server things should go smoothly.

      One final note, always, always do backups and ensure you do one just before you push changes to a live site. If you run into a problem you can quickly roll back to the old version.

      Good luck to all of you who are considering setting up a blog and go for it. There is little to lose after all and what you learn shall be yours for the rest of your life and might be something you can pass along to another.

  • Eadwacer

    So it looks like the industry has been stable since 2006 at about 155 anime/year +/-13%. 2013 was out of band on the high side, due mostly to increased book adaptions and sequels.

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