Otaku Links: Cause and effect


  • I’d been curious about these illustrations of cat-ear headphones. It turns out they are a real product, but the drawings came first before the artist’s friend engineered a prototype that turned the “ears” into speakers.
  • First her own show, and now her own comic book! Yaya Han has come a long way. Like a lot of east coast locals I’ve been a fan for years and it’s been really cool to watch her become a bigger and bigger cosplay star.
  • Do you think Anitwitter, that garbled Internet space where our self deprecating otaku jokes go to die, needs a wiki? Some Twitter denizens did, and then didn’t, and Moritheil documented the whole short-lived venture.
  • It’s so awesome how I see more and more women at every Magic: The Gathering event I go to. Could it have anything to do with the fact that it’s no longer OK to be a jerk or a bully? Nah, that must be a coincidence.
  • My friend Patrick recently introduced me to We Are Tomodachi, an annual English language newsletter from Japan, all about Japan. A really good mix of travel tips and Jeopardy worthy Japan trivia.
  • Finally, the latest Geeks Next Door comic speaks to me. Crowdfunding is a great tool and some of my friends use it wisely, but no I don’t want to pay thousands for you to go to Otakon if you live two hours away and have a job.

Illustration via Axent Wear

  • Zoe Le Loir

    Why did I not know of Geeks Next Door until now!? At least I have the fun of getting up to date by going through archive. :)

    About the Brony documentary, one of our alt weeklies here in Portland, OR did a review on it that was rather… Unkind to Bronies. I didn’t bother commenting on the website but did on the facebook entry since so many people were belittling bronies.

    I talked about how all fandom looks weird from the outside. Mentioned that I am not Brony but that I am into anime/manga/gaming/table top role playing games/Science Fiction/Fantasy and how my fandoms look off to outsiders, but what of it? Does that it make it right to belittle those people? No. Then I used sports as a comparison and how I really do not get sports but I wouldn’t belittle a sports mega fan naturally just like I wouldn’t a brony. I also mentioned the extremes of sports fandom — thousands in merchandise, full scale wars over team rivalries, paint of faces at games (and the guys who go topless and pain their bodies the team colors,) etc. Looks mighty strange from the outside. So why is that an acceptable fandom? Because it’s more “mainstream?”