Otaku Links: Friendship is Magic the Gathering


  • Did you hear the news yesterday? Otakon, the east coast’s largest anime convention, is coming to Las Vegas! There aren’t many details yet except that it’s happening, so I’ll be looking to find out more.
  • Really impressed with the Daily Dot’s transmedia roundtable. Called InterActs, they host livestream discussions with big names in fandom and online creativity. The first one already happened, and you can watch it here.
  • This Tumblr artist creates really professional looking manga of humanoid My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters. I have to warn you though, it’s a little ecchi.
  • It took me more than 50 attempts, but I finally beat Long Live the Queen yesterday. Starring an adorable pink-haired princess, this indie game is surprisingly brutal and dark in its penchant to off its protagonist at every opportunity.
  • And finally: I was pretty disappointed by the lack of actual information in Sony’s PlayStation4 event Wednesday night. But I loved VideoGamerTV’s hilarious abridged cut (NSFW).

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’m feeling pretty unmotivated and, on top of that, overwhelmed with the transition from life as an employed person to life as an unemployed person to life as a full time freelancer.

(Amazing comic via Sailor Swayze.)