Otaku Links: Meanwhile, in Japan…

1980’s Sci Fi Convention (36)

  • I am enthralled by these vintage photos from an ’80s sci-fi convention.
  • While we’re all laughing at Doge, featuring a Japanese Shiba Inu, people in Japan are sharing image macros about other things entirely. These are the top three Japanese memes of 2013.
  • My friend Serdar, who you might know as the editor of the late anime.about.com, just launched his personal anime blog, Ganriki. I’ve always liked how there’s a lot of depth to his reviews and analysis.
  • Meanwhile, my friend Aja (remember her from my Otakon video?) is part of a Kickstarter to publish original works by authors who made names for themselves in fanfiction first.
  • I love Polygon, both for its stunning article design and its content. This article, on how clever advertising systemically disassociated half the population from video games, has both.
  • Just a few more hours left to fund Slash: Romance Without Boundaries! It’s a card game about creating hilarious fanfiction pairings. I funded it within minutes of hearing about it, not even kidding.

(Photo via vintage everyday.)

  • http://www.genjipress.com Serdar

    Thanks for the link!

    Incidentally, Polygon was something of an inspiration both on the design and the content of Ganriki. (I’m nowhere nearly the designers they are, but I did want things to both look good and read thoughtfully.)

  • Zoe Le Loir

    I had read the Polygon article a couple of days ago. Saw it linked off of Kotaku. The article was quite interesting. The comments on Kotaku, not so much.

    Thanks for passing along Ganriki. I always like finding other anime blogs that are well done.

  • Uzi

    Yeaaah, Yoshiyuki Tomino jealous of Attack on Titan? His series was the biggest thing back in the 80s and 90s, and are still hits today. I don’t think there’s much to be jealous about.

    • Uzi

      *series were hits (lol)