Otaku Links: Playing catch-up


  • The Cart Driver just posted his call to arms for the 12 Days of Anime project, where anibloggers post about significant moments in anime watching over the past year. If you’ve been on the fence about starting/restarting your aniblog, here’s a sign to go for it!
  • The Chernin group, which mainly invests in entertainment technology, bought a majority share of Crunchyroll in a deal that will value CR at $100 million. What does this mean for us? That anime streaming is big business.
  • Can you read Spanish? No? Can you use Google Translate? Here’s an article about otaku journalism in Mexico, and I’m referenced in it!

You may have noticed these links are a bit stale. Between the Computerless Week and Otaku Journalist’s 4th anniversary, I haven’t done Otaku Links in two weeks now. To see what’s really been happening around the blogosphere lately, check out Organization Anti Social Genius’ Reference Resource Monday. I’ve made it a habit.

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  • Zoe Le Loir

    The nostalgia filter seems to come up in so many things, geeky and not.

    I’m not into sports at all, but I’ve wound up witnessing arguments about rule changes and how a team was the best they will *ever* be back “then”.

    On the geeky side, I would run into problems getting my gaming group to let me run them a game of something that was new, not first edition AD&D. First edition AD&D was the pinnacle, end all, be all of table top RPGs for some people.

  • http://deremoe.com Jay

    That PAR article made huge sense to me.

    I’ve discussed about avoiding information redundancy with fellow bloggers before, and after reading this, I was thinking hard. Thanks for sharing that, Lauren!