Otaku Links: the gangster life and the freelance lifestyle


  • I just discovered MC Melody Doll, a Gothic Lolita gangster rapper. Her music videos are definitely tongue in cheek! Bronies might recognize the composer she works with, The Living Tombstone. I’m trying to pitch this as a story idea to different news blogs, but I can’t find one that is interested yet. Know of any?
  • You’ve got to laugh at Said to Lady Journos, if just to keep from crying. Anonymous journalists submit the absurd sexist remarks they sometimes face on the job. Poynter did an interview with the woman behind the Tumblr.
  • On a related note, my former colleague Aja Romano just wrote about the differences between Boys’ Love—manga targeted at straight women—and bara—manga targeted at gay men—in her latest column for After Elton.
  • Over on Tumblr, I participated in a discussion about New Enthusiasm, a moniker for the over-the-top excitement that geeks use to express ourselves. The Internet’s recent witch-hunt of a group of geeky teens hit close to home for me.
  • Finally, I just found out that Bluehost, my web hosting provider of choice, provides discounted rates for students and teachers! If you’re a student thinking about starting a blog, click this link instead of the affiliate link on my sidebar—it won’t earn me any money, but it’ll save you lots!

(Photo of MC Melody Doll by Deerstalker Pictures.)

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    I think most of society just gives up on raising kids these days…..yet they encourage unwilling folks to have kids.

    Sooner or later, they’ll realize that If you haven’t been through hardship/sorrow, then you haven’t lived.