Otaku Links: Zombies and other tropes

  • One of the only columns I read regularly is Bullish by Jen Dziura—no-nonsense career and life advice for women. She just put out The Best of Bullish 2012 which spans everything from starting a business to investing in startups.
  • I really liked what Australian journalist Rachel Hills had to say about writing in the first person. Namely, that it makes her feel uncomfortable and inauthentic. I definitely struggle with how much of myself to share on this blog.
  • In my opinion, ZombiU is the scariest survival-horror game since the early Resident Evil games. It could even be a spiritual successor to Condemned (since Condemned 2 definitely wasn’t). Check out Polygon’s spoiler-free review.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for Monday, when I announce a new feature for Otaku Journalist!

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    About Hawkeye, he is getting so much popularity right now.

    His new ongoing series by Matt Fraccion is REALLY refreshing and makes me want to get back into comics. It’s basically “Daily Life of Hawkeye”.