Otaku Links: Fandom as religion, fandom as love


  • You could stay in this high tech Star Trek hotel room in Sao Paulo for $670 a night. They went all out on this!
  • On Beneath The Tangles, Charles has been paralleling Genshiken’s motleysense of community with that of a parish. I’m not religious, but Charles’ Christian anime blog is one of my weekly reads.
  • Is it Anime Christmas or something? Psycho Pass was confirmed for a second season.
  • Anybody know where I can watch Heroes of Cosplay on SyFy even if I don’t have cable? Of course I’ll be watching it for Yaya Han’s amazing costumes.
  • Zoe Le Loir

    I don’t think I’d say that Animal Crossing promotes Otaku Citizenship. But the host makes some interesting points.

    I guess I don’t think collecting in a video game, even obsessively, puts one on the path to otakuism. In plenty of other games people get really into collecting and showing off their collections. For an example see Felicia Day’s vast tracts of Skyrim lands (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f08wubI6N9o)

    Though in thinking further; since Animal Crossing is geared towards children maybe it can be seen as “indoctrination.” What do you think?

    I am so psyched for another episode of Little Witch Academia! I followed the kickstarter link and donated $20 (meant to do so earlier this week.)

    Adam makes some good points about Steam and video games. I waited on Skyrim figuring there would be a sale once the holidays were over that year. Since I had no plans for x-mas I checked Steam and, sure enough,it was 25% off for that day.

    However, I’ve also bought games that I wouldn’t think of that I found highlighted a sale item. I wouldn’t have bought the game without the sale they did.

    Ok, I’m going to have to add Free! to my Crunchyroll queue and check it out. May be a bit. Behind in a couple series because I got sidetracked into watching Another and then Clannad which I fell in love with so now I’m on Clannad After Story…

    Good Friday round up of links as usual.

    Speaking of Free!; if any readers want to check it out on Crunchyroll I have three guest passes that I’d happily give away.