Otaku Links: Night Vale, shipping, and t-shirts


  • Like everyone else on Tumblr, I’ve recently discovered the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. So far it’s half creepy, half hilarious. Combined with an apparent slash relationship waaaaay later, I can see what the hype is about.
  • Probably one of the best link roundups in the aniblogosphere (besides Otaku Links, of course!) is Reference Resource Monday on Organization Anti-Social Geniuses. Their latest edition is here.
  • At Manga Therapy, Tony wrote about Mikasa Ackerman and whether her loyalty to Eren is obsessive or cute.
  • On r/anime, redditors share their most embarrassing stories about going through a “weeaboo phase.”

(Illustration by ~AznNerd on Deviantart.)

  • Zoe Le Loir

    Another good set of links, Lauren. Thank you. :)

    I especially enjoyed the analysis of Mikasa Ackerman from Manga Therapy even though I have yet to start watching the series. The article made me want to get on that right away to see for my own eyes what I think of Mikasa.

    Ah, t-shirts. Yeah. Only male shirts. I run into that too much. An aside; why is a Free! tee only male!? That makes no sense.

    I actually ran into this issue the previous week when I went to my favorite bar and found out that a company that was present at OSCONN (going on that week) was having a party there.

    As they set up I went over and asked one woman about the code on her shirt to find it was part of the company’s API. Later I asked another woman about her “For those about to hack. We salute you!” t-shirt. The guy runs the company broke in to say he’d give me one, but he was out.

    The thing was, both of the shirts were male t-shirts. Which bothered me for some reason at the time… And now I know why.

    In tech they keep saying they want more women involved. Those shirts were just one more (small in this case) way that says otherwise.

    On the plus side though, since I’m in tech the guy offered me a wristband so I could drink on their tab and met a bunch of fellow techies which was fun.