Otaku Links: why you should watch Psycho Pass


  • One of my top five anime of 2012 was Psycho Pass, a Philip K. Dickian sci-fi thriller. This Kotaku review does a good job summing up the first half of the series.
  • In the first chapter of my e-course, I argue that transparency is more important than objectivity. Here’s a good New York Times opinion piece about this once-controversial assertion: When Reporters Get Personal.

(Screenshot via AngryAnimeBitches)

  • http://animebowl.blogspot.com Tommy

    Ohayocon just missed the cut, the only one close to those I went to. (I wanted to go to Otakon to see Aya Hirano, but couldn’t.) I won’t be at Ohayocon this year, however.

  • http://beneaththetangles.wordpress.com TWWK

    This face-morphing thing is getting big. Have you seen the Bond and Batman face morphs?

    • Lauren

      Yes! They were unbelievably handsome. I like the anime one because you can slowly see the rise of moe style (moe creep?)